shopping centre shenanigans

So I was at the supermarket last weekend.

I normally go 1/2 an hour before closing cause there is fewer people there to be all annoying and stuff, in this instance I went much earlier and on a different day.

What was I thinking.

Turns out that this time of day is sample time – yay little bits of food to make grocery shopping enjoyable.

first sample was steak – it was nice

second sample – muesli bar (this is where the story is)

so I walked past the lady with the muesli bars and she promptly puts the offer out ‘would you like to try (insert product name her)’

I say yes and as I do look for how to get the sample, normally there is a toothpick or something, there is nothing so I go to get one out of the bowl.

Lady goes nuts and says ‘Love, you can touch them with your hands’ which prompts her to grab some tongs from underneath the display and tong me a sample.

I say ‘Oh I’m sorry I didn’t see the tongs’  which she replies ‘the tongs aren’t to be used by you, they are for me’  I reply with ‘maybe you should make that more obvious before you offer someone one of your crappy samples’

By this time many people are looking at our little display of childishness.

I felt bad for the rest of the day for attempting to touch a sample with my filthy hand – damn you muesli bar lady




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UQ Soccer/Football club you are retarded

UQ womens soccer/football club is retarded.
In fact all women’s soccer clubs are retarded.
What it comes down to is people who are immature and bitchy running the club.
Which is not unlike all junour clubs.
So say you have been with a club for many years and you turn up to every training session, you would expect to be given some sort of chance to prove yourself.
Not at UQ soccer/football club
You are told despite having played a number of divisions high and in the middle that you will be on the bottom team with all the n00bs.
How about if you have a job and you are not a uni student and you can’t make it to all of the “pre-season” training sessions .
What if you wrote your name on a list and that list just got ignored or the coaches just can’t be bothered to know you.
While all this is happening you are being sent emails suggesting that you are going to be cut from the club if you are not registered or not on “the list”. People understandably freak out so the wise decided a trial match is to be had but instead of playing the people they haven’t seen play the wise play all of the people they have seen before and then add in the brand new people who just showed up on that night. The people who have come to some training sessions but not all are left to play shitty 5 a side games on fields no bigger than 2m x 4m.
UQ Soccer/football club is retarded.
No consideration is given to where you have played in previous seasons
UQ soccer/football club is retarded

UQ soccer/football club is retarded
The coaches don’t see things like ability to read the play, ability to kick the ball to the desired target
UQ soccer/football club is retarded
There is a fair way to do this and it is not giving preference to people who have never played at the club and by not rewarding people who have other commitments and cannot make all sessions. Reward those who come to training yes but when someone new comes along don’t immediately put them in a team over someone who has committed to the club. Give everyone a chance.
UQ SOCCER/FOOTBALL you are retarded.

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So it turns out you are a bitch

So you are married have 2 children, turns out your husband is adopted and has 2 sets of parents. You have dragged him to your country with the promise of returning in 3 years and have promised grandma that you will keep in touch and send photos. After almost 5 years you are still in your homeland living easy cause your parents look after the kids while you sit on your arse. You think you work hard and look after the kids and take care of your parents but truth is you do shit.

So your husband goes to a concert and meets a person from his own country and decides that next time you are all in La to meet up with this person. Because this person is a girl you acuse him of cheating, even though he has never cheated in his life. you send his mother an email saying you are going to divorce him, she replies that she would like to hear what happened from her son before she passes judgement. so now you think she has called you a liar so you will not talk to her or send photos.

Your husband decides he will make a DVD of photos to send to his mother, your response hiding all of the memory cards with the photos on and refuse to look at any photos that your husband has taken or talk to him. you are retarded and need to grow up. hope your memory cards disappear or get wiped.

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You think you’re all that

So I decided to spend my Christmas with my brother and his family. good idea or bad idea? Well I haven’t seen him for two years and they had a new kid since them so many weeks ago I thought yes.
so almost six weeks ago I got on a plane and flew some 12 hours to visit. what I forgot is that his wife is one crazy person who has never ever done anything wrong in her entire life. so she is constantly abusing my brother, the children and her parents. instead of abusing me she abuses everyone else because she is angry with me or tells my brother that she is pissed. it is retarded. her behaviour has totally screwed up the children, the oldest one is in a constant cycle of attention seeking or approval.

today (Christmas day) she abused every member of the family to the point where the oldest boy was crying for a complete accident, suxor

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Optus Insurance

So I was out and about one day and it rains, when I say rain it buckets down. I get absolutely saturated and so does everything I am carrying.  turns out that I am carrying my dearly loved iPhone.  So I get home and my phone doesn’t work and there is a nice bubble of water on the inside of the screen.  I searched the internet for solutions to drying the phone out and tried them all, still it did not work.  So I go to the optus shop.

At the optus shop……..

‘Hi my phone got wet now it doesn’t work, I would like to make an insurance claim. ‘

‘You can’t do that here, you have to call insurance’

‘Oh, whats their number?’

‘Use our phone’ Optus chick dials number and leaves me to it

Insurance person answer the phone, I explain what happens, she say ‘you need this special number it is under the battery….. I explain that I can’t open my phone as it is an iPhone she says bad luck, I can’t make a claim.

So I head off home, get the number from the iPhone box and call again.  Success, I drop the phone off and await the call.

6 days later Optus Insurance calls me, I miss the call.  You can’t call back the number they call you on, so you never know that it is Optus Insurance.  So Icall back the number I got from the shop, they explain that I can get a replacement phone or an upgrade.  I choose replacement and they say you owe us $50 excess.  I say no I have had insurance for 3 years, no excess for me.  Turns out that Optus Insurance only has records on me since October 2008 (I have had the phone since July 2008).  I hang up and head to the optus shop to sort it out.

At the Optus shop (different one to last time)  Explain the problem, the girl is fantastic and tries to sort things out with Optus super powers.  Turns out Optus has a new computer system and have lost my records from 2004.  This means they have no record of me paying for insurance.  So I have to dig up all my old contracts to prove it.  I head home to do some digging.  I find the contracts, and of course the previous contract has no place to tick for insurance, so I search for the bills.  These have the amount added to my bill.  So off head to the Optus shop.  They politely inform me that the money I have been paying for was for extended warranty.  Pfft what do I wnat that for, I asked for insurance.  Lame Optus lame.

So I call back insurance and say I want to get my replacement phone.  They say it is $100 and I have to give them my credit card details to the dude at the other end of the phone.  No computer system or BPay.  Pfft.  So I head off to the post office to get a money order.  That should be there today.  With any luck they will send my phone soon.

I have taken photos of my old phone, if the replacement phone looks worse than my old phone then I am going to ark up.  I am done being screwed over by Optus and Optus Insurance.

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Your recent nomination into The Princeton Premier

I am so accomplished the I am being considered for the 2009/2010 Princeton Premier Honors Edition Registry.
Anyone else who is suitably accomplished please visit and read the comments.

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Nobody reads this anyway

So it has been 17 years since I finished high school, and about the same amount of time since I spoke to anyone from high school until facebook decided to change all that.
Now I hated high school, I didn’t think it at the time but as the last week of high school approached I quickly realised that my life at school was shit and the friendships I had were merely people I had lunch with, it became very clear in that last week that they in fact couldn’t have given a shit about me and maybe I should have been hanging around with someone else.

Back to the story at hand – so a friend from school, not one of the ones I actually hung around with but someone who I really liked decided to find me on facebook. So that was pretty cool, but with one friend acceptance comes other friend requests, it’s not that I don’t want to be friends with these people, I just feel as though I didn’t know you at high school or I didn’t feel that I was worthy of being your friend.

Although I am probably not letting this go, I am going to stand by my philosophy  that I will only accept friend requests from people who:

  1. I actually know and feel that I know them well
  2. People who I share common interests with and wish to keep in contact with and hang out with

To everyone who reads this – You probably think I should let this go after 17 years, I’m not going to.  I will choose who to be friends with and not just add or ask people just so I can have many friends.  You must understand  that things that happen in school scar you for life and that’s not cool.

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